8th March Update

This was the 7th day of the hunger strike. Two more joined and sewed their lips this afternoon. They requested that this be filmed, and the videos are linked below. Content warning: these videos show the act of men sewing each other’s lips with needle and thread.

There are now 9 refugees currently on hunger strike. This brings the total number who have been on hunger strike to 12. Three have stopped due to different personal reasons, but the group remains resolved to continue until their requests are heard, and they recieve a response.

Today the destruction of houses has continued around the community space the hunger strikers are currently staying in. They have been using it as a base since their own houses and those of their neighbours have been destroyed, and this morning it was confirmed by the prefecture that it would not be destroyed. However, friends and supporters were unable to access the building for part of the day due to the cordon of CRS police.

The hunger strikers recieved one visit today from a volunteer from Defenseur de Droits. Their message is ‘Defenseur de Droits, look around you. The associations and volunteers help us but the government does nothing’.  They discussed  issues around the evictions, the dangers, including rape, for women and children in the camp, the attacks by fascists and bad treatment recieved in hospital. The volunteer from Defenseur de Droits, who does not himself have power to influence the situation, having seen nine ‘very determined people’  in a bad situation will pass on a report to his seniors in the organisation tonight.

The hunger strikers still await a response from anyone with power and responsibility.

now will you listen

Statement of friend and volunteer

Videos of the sewing of the lips of the two hunger strikers who join today.




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