updates running on Jungle time

BRIEF UPDATE ON 10th and 11th March ….

The South Part of the Jungle is mainly destroyed. In the wake of losing court appeals against the eviction people have moved their houses themselves, saving what they can, knowing that the courtcase was a false hope. The last weeks have seen the work of months literally crushed.

Among this all, the hunger strikers are trying to organise …

Some of them have not eaten for eleven days.

This is about the hunger striker’s voice. There will not be an update on their demands until they are ready to give it.

The refugee activists on hunger strike have been inspiring support from a huge range of people.

Lynne Green came from Baptist Churches and is inspired to ‘urge to action’  – suggesting three requests to send to MPs

Like you, I am aware of the incredible complexity of the situation across Europe and in many ways feel powerless in the face of such international upheaval.  Yet, we overcome feelings of powerlessness by collaboratively taking small actions which add up to something greater.

Caroline Lucas, UK MP also visited.

In the evening, the hunger strikers met with refugee representatives from every community, and excluded all non-refugees from the room. One volunteer reports “people were saying the decision had been made that strike will continue until someone dies or needs are met, and that the community were standing as ‘one nation'”.

The hunger strikers have not officially made any statement.

Support is spreading in the Jungle for the hunger strikers’ urgent call for people to listen to the voice of refugees at this time of crisis. Admiration for the activists’ determination and hope is paired with concern for their well being – and the question arises – if these people paying so much attention to refugees when they sew up their lips paid the same attention to all refugees, as the hunger strikers are asking them to, what could refugees ask for?


Tomorrow, we will be making a campaign office in the Jungle.

In the meantime… what are you going to do to support these activists?


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