Statements of the Hunger Strikers

This post shows all statements and demands that the hunger strikers have put out in collaboration with supporters since the start of their action. They have revised, updated and clarified their demands in response to changes in the status of the eviction and legal proceedings, and who has the power and responsibility to intervene.

First appearance to police and media: 2nd March 2016

Statement from the 3. March 2016

We are on hunger-strike because we left our countries to find our human rights and unfortunately here in Europe we find none. At 12 noon, 2nd March 2016 we stopped eating and sewed our lips together. We will continue not to eat until our demands are met.

For the European court of human rights to come to the Calais jungle and meet us

We want an end to the forced eviction in the jungle

We want an end of the use of tear gas

We want an end of the attacks by fascists

We want all the borders to be opened

We feel nobody listens to us, so we will not eat until our demands are met. We take action on behalf of all the refugees in Europe.

(We have retracted our intention, as written in our statement from the 3rd march,  to stop drinking water)

Video of statement



Statement from the 4th March 2016

We request to the French authorities that the appeal is heard urgently before the European Court of Human Rights and that the eviction of the Calais jungle is suspended until all legal proceedings are concluded.

Clarification of demands: 8th March 2016

  1. End of Fascist attacks on migrants in Calais and the Jungle.
  2. Halt the destruction of the Jungle.
  3. See a representative of the Defenseur Des Droits

Other comments from the Hunger Strikers

“I am a Sunni Kurdish Iranian, I graduated from university but I was not allowed to work in my country.”

“I was not safe, there is nothing for me in my country.”

 “I was a supporter of the pkk, I distributed literature for them. For this they can kill me in iran.”

“I changed my religion from Islam to Christianity. This is punishable by death in my country.”


Demonstration called for the 7th March

A poster was distributed in Farsi, Arabic, Amheric, Tigrinia, Pashto, Urdu, French and English in the Jungle on 6th and 7th March, following a proposal brought by the hunger strikers to the community meeting of 5th March for a demonstration on Monday morning when the prefecture and police arrive to continue the destruction of refugees’ homes.

The hunger strikers also call for international solidarity to support that their message be heard.

demo march 6th